not amused

Way to go, Cinemark.

Sooooo this Sunday was the Alice in Wonderland meet-up.
Katya Maureen and Alice came with me, amazingly by their own will. XD
It's funny, because Maureen and Katya... like lolita now. ^__^
I always get excited when they mention a new skirt or a loli meet-up. Makes me proud. ;-;
Katya looked soooooo friggin CUTE.

Maureens skirt came out amazing. =]
She looked so cool. xD
She was the red queen. :P

And I was the white rabbit! :D

Those bodyline shoes are amazing, super comfy and CUTE! <3
So, here's the story:
We got there, bought our tickets. Then the group went to the food court for lunch.
While we were there Amanda spilled katsup on her white Alice apron. =[
I went to the bathroom to make sure she wasn't upset and see how the apron was coming along.
I told her about how they have stain removers at 5 and below, and travel sized detergent.
So when the lolitas were rushing off to the theater I went to 5 and below with her to
make sure she found what she needed, and found some cute hello kitty plushies there. <3
Another girl was walking with us, and I can't remember her name at all. >_<;
But we got to the theater, and everyone got in except this poor girl. She looked
like she was about to burst into tears as she desperately tried to find her ticket in her purse to no avail. =[
So Katya gave her money to buy a new ticket, and she took a little bit to return, when she came back
she was with a theater worker. She went into the room and found a seat quickly, as she was only one person.
I walked around trying to find 3 empty seats (Not next to each other, just 3 empty ones so I could guide my friends to them)
But found NOTHING. It was packed, so I just returned to my friends and told them we'd have to
catch a later showing. We decided we wanted to hang out with the lolitas, so we changed our tickets
from 1.50 to 4.40. We went to the arcade and I played DDR on the broken machine. The down arrow wasn't
working and it threw off my groove. >O Then we played poker with my hello kitty playing cards. <3
The loser is suppose to cook us all dinner. :P Katya lost. Looking forward to Korean food. <3 (That's what I'm
guessing she's going to make) The movie let out, and the lolitas came back and went to the arcade for a bit.
Then I changed the ticket from 4.40 to 7.30 because we wanted to hang out and chill
with the lolis. =] After I changed the tickets, we all went to the front to take group photos.
Then single shots. And in the middle of the single shots, the theater had to be evacuated due
to a construction fire. So we all went outside and found a different entrance to the mall.
Walked around, went to the Disney store were I got a Snow White mug and an epic
Aladdin mug which shall be my b33r mug. <3
Then we went to Hot Topic. Then people started parting ways.
I got a strawberry smoothie from Bubble Tea (obsessed <3 )
Then Katya, Maureen, Alice, Amee, Micheal and I went to Johnny Rockets.
Katya dropped the mugs and broke my Aladdin one and Maureen's Pooh one, but
it's ok cause those are easily replaced. The Snow White one was ok, which is
a relief since it was the only one. We parted ways to get ready to see the film, only to hear
one of the managers shouting "THE THEATER IS CLOSED FOR THE REST OF THE DAY"
My heart sank, I REALLY wanted to see this movie, and it seems that everytime
I try to show Maureen and Katya a really fun lolita meet, something goes wrong. =[
We tried to get our tickets refunded to see the movie at a diff theater, but they couldn't
refund the tickets since we exchanged them. So they gave us each 2 tickets to return
at a later time. We went home and looked up another Cinemark to see it there, but
the one in Arundel mills is the ONLY Cinemark in MD. -_-;;;
It was deff a FML moment.
All in all, I had fun. Despite the heartbreak. XD
We're going to attempt to watch it Friday afternoon before I have to head to work.
I also get my car back tomorrow, with a 1300 debt. =[
At least I managed to get 500 towards it to lower it from 1800. x.X;
For a month I'll be covering a lady at work, so I'll be working from 7am to 10pm.
The extra money is going straight to paying off that debt. x.X; Just wanna get that OVER with.
Also need to find a full time day job that pays at least 9 an hour. Wanna try to keep one of my night jobs
so I can move outta here. Need to prove that I, unlike some other people in my family, do NOT need
a husband to support me. I can do this on my own. My success will NOT be measured by the size of
my wedding ring, but the success of living and prospering on my own.
I love Rob, I really do, but even he understand my need to do this.
I simply cannot allow myself to depend on him for a home and food. Or anyone.
Just need to make 100% sure that it is possible. Need a 3rd job.
/sigh I miss him. He's buying FFXIII atm, and is excited. =3
He also got a new dog, she's huge! D:
Blah, well, g2g. Gotta get working on a resume and finding a pet-friendly apartment. =/


Yay time.

So next weekend is the epic Alice in Wonderland meet-up.
Not sure what 'm wearing yet, but I know I need comfy shoes. /nod
Learned my lesson last time I was there with Olivia and Angelica.
Love my heels, but not for 7 hours of walking. And DDR. Bad idea on my part. ;>>
Just ordered my first item from Bodyline, so I get to finally own
those shoes that EVER lolita has. Honestly, I'd want all platform shoes.
They are so comfy. <3

OH AND I can finally post the v-day cards I made cause I'm
sure by now everyone has gotten there's. ^^

Some of them came out a bit wonky, but I'll do better next time. Dx

Still miss Rob. Hopefully he gets better soon, poor overworked man is sick. D:
Sleep time though, got lots of sewing to do tomorrow. ^^




500 dollars for new tires and to find out what was wrong with my car.
I need to pick her up and see if anyone will fix the power steering for less than 1700, cause that is WAY
too much. Work sucks, an dI have no way to get there.
Unfortunately  this is putting a HUGE damper on my plan to sell skirts and bow
at otakon this year, but we'll see how things work out.
I would really love to sell plus size friendly skirts at otakon, i remember
my first otakon in 2003 walking around the dealers room and AA in search
of something cute that fit me and leaving with only plushies.
(Well, part of that was that I didn't want to buy "plus-size" friendly things that looked like crap...)
Hopefully I'll be able to. Prolly to prints this time around, but solids are good
for building up a good lolita wardrobe. =]
Rob got his cookies for v-day and really loved them, I'm glad. ^^
Also finished the skirt with the fabric he bought me, and Katya's unicorn skirt. :D

This pic of her is so cute! <3

The skirt isn't completely finished yet, still need to finish the detachable bows with charms
and add the light pink zig-zag trim i seem to be so fond of. xD
I LOVE the rainbow trim on Katya's skirt. So flippin adorable.
VERY proud of that skirt.
Gonna try my first reversible skirt soon. If it turn out alright I'll be one happy clam. :D
P.S. - I deff need moar big belts. That are amaaaaazing. <3
Lemme get back to finishing my belated v-day cards. -Sigh-


This weekend was awesome. =]

I went to two loli meet ups this weekend.
The first was on Saturday, we were suppose to ice skate but it was too warm
and the ice was melting, so it was closed. =[
Maureen and Katya were brave/awesome enough to come with me, and I'm glad.
I just wish I would have taken them to a fun meet-up like todays.

I love this picture that Angel took of us walking. <3
You can see the Capital in the background! :D
I need to take better pictures of that outfit, worked SUPER hard on it. D:
Couldn't figure out what to do with my hair, but I discovered I think I look more balanced/better
when my hair is BIG AND CRAZY cause, ya know, I'm big. Also crazy. ;>>

This is Emily. :D
She got lost/disconnected from the HUGE group of lolitas
with us so we kinda left after not being able to find them, rode the carousel and then headed home.
Wish people weren't so clicky. =[
Hard to get to know nee people that way.
I really do prefer smaller meet ups. =/

We went to the ZOO today! :D
All very well coordinated, too. Just my imo.
I had a great fuckin time.
After the zoo we went to the Red Velvet Cupcakery, which doesn't deserve all the hyper it gets.
If they can sell small cupcakes for 3.25, dude, I'm so inspired to open a bakery. :P
Then we went to Joe's Crab Shack to eat which was great.
I drank a Shark Bite which was freakin awesome and had crab nachos. Mmmm. <3
Cassie's gf gave us a shot of her own made-up drink, and it was good.
Now I'm home back at Emma's. I'll post more later, right now I gotta upload pics to FB. ;D
P.S. - I love Rob. <3


(no subject)

Well well well, if it isn't me, writing on my LJ again. :P
Yes, tis true, I have returned. I really need to get in the habit of srsly posting again. =/

SO! Recent updates:
♥ Rob and I just had our 1 year anniversary
♥ I got a puppy! :D
♥ I discovered that I'm a closet shopaholic
♥ I DO NOT miss school
♥ I am moving out of my house, away from my mom
♥ I've fallen more in love with lolita

So... lets start with the bad one.

It's true. I DO NOT miss school. I hate that place. And waking up every morning knowing I'm just
going to tourcher myself by sitting in class trying to stay awake. Bleh.
I know I know, I've got to go back. And I am. Just next fall. BUT there is a reason. For one,
it;s too late to apply and get anything from financial aid at this point. Plus,
this will give me a chance to adjust to living away from my mom and save some money.

Which leads me to my next topic of discussion, leaving the nest.
Well, it's not REALLY leaving the nest. I've been sleeping at my sister's house for
about a month now, and she really likes having me around. So much that
she's asked me, several times, to move in with her. She does not
like the way my mother treats me at all, so she told me if it would make me much happier
(like I've apparently been for the past month) I could stay with her. My niece and nephew ask
me everyday when I'm moving in, they hate it when I leave for a day or two to pick up
more clothing. xD; My sister has even made me my own sewing room, something my mom
would mock me about. I just feel like I have more support here, like an actual family.

I've been very sad lately, and going out with my friends makes me feel better.
And... when we go out... we usually go shopping. And I've spent, a pretty big penny
over the last couple of months. It makes me happy to buy something. Like my hard earned
money is finally MINE to spend, and not my moms. I use to give her my paychecks,
but now I keep them and send checks for my bills. I should have done it ages ago,
but my mom would always get angry whenever I didn't pass along a paycheck.
Especially now that my paychecks are 500-600 dollars bi-weekly. She's so bitter.
How you like me now, ma? =]

And now for the good happy fun part!

His name is Ouji Shiro Yuki (Prince of White Snow).
He makes me so happy! One of the things that really made me love him was his little nose.
It's black with pink on it, they said it was some type of pigmentation issue.
And since I also have that same issue I fell in love with him and took him home.
He's super hyper and cute, except when he chews on my shoes. -_-;
He cuddles up next to me and night, and when I get home from work he's so happy to see me!
He's deff made my live much happier, he makes me feel loved. I hope he knows how
much I love him too. <3 My little prince.

Rob was here last week visiting for our 1 year. =]
It was on November 7th, 2008 at 11.48pm. We went for a walk around his campus,
he threw himself in a pile of leaves, and I was too scared to follow suit since I didn't really know where we were
and people were glaring at us like we were sellin drugs or something. Then we walked up to this tree on a hill
by his dorm. He took out his laptop and played the jewlery box music version of Simple and Clean
(Because I REALLY love it <3) and handed me a black jewlery box. Inside it had a folded heart origami, with a note inside of it.
It said very plainly in a cute young school boy kind of way: "Will you go out with me?"
It was so cute and well thought out. I nearly cried, and then he asked "Can I kiss you?"
Shortly followed by "Can you teach me how first?" So we spent a good hour learning how to kiss...
But he didnt need to learn how. It was amazingly perfect without being all Hollywood.
We went to his dorm room and slept under his bed together (Since the girl who drove with me slept on it)
and we spent an interesting night together underneath the bed. It was priceless. <3
It was a week before Wrath of the Litch King came out
and that's how we both remember the date. Ha ha. I'm a geek, I know. =]
We met playing WoW, we started dating around a new expansion release date, we both love anime,
he loves seeing me dressed in lolita, and we both understand each others jokes so fuckin well. xD
He loves me cooking, and I love cooking for him. I love his family, and he loves mine. His eyes are so beautiful, and
he makes me feel so beautiful. He makes me feel like the most precious treasure in the world, like the most
legendary rare loot in the game. He's my prince in ninja armour. <3
He got my the new Kingdom Hearts game and a ring for our 1 year.
He didn't let me buy him anything, but I did anyway. A little sailor suit for the bedroom. ;]
Well, it was really a present for me, but he enjoyed more then I did. xD
He's coming down for Thanksgiving with my family, which I'm VERY excited for since he has another gift for me
then. <3 He gave himself away, and I prolly should have not told him that I knew
But I know, I know. Oh boy I know.

Lolita? Lolita.
I know this'll be cheesey to people who don't care, BUT:
I sat down and really thought about why I like it. I've always loved to be different
in a crowd of people. To stand out. To be noticed. To make people have an opinion whether it be "omg cute!" or
"dear god, wtf is that?!". Lolita is so awesome to me. It makes me feel so good and happy
and cute like a princess when I wear it. Makes me forget for a while that I'm just
a janitor going through college with a bad bad past. I forget the stress, the anger, the depression
and just prance around for a while feeling like I'm the most adorable doll come to life.
It's such a badass feeling, and I would rather dress in lolita than get drunk. It's healthier.
Granted, there are other things that get me happy as well, but I'm glad this is one thing I
can always enjoy, and with a group of awesome girls. =]
P.s. - I think I found a girl in the comm that srsly inspires me. She makes me
wanna go sew up a storm. D: She's so freakin adorable.
This is her flickr account. She's awesome. And I'd love to meet her. :P
Also made me giggle that a dress I'm making for this weekend looks alot like one she has.
I really need to get back to sewing. ;>_____>

Kk, later all!


The start of a NEW ERA!

Ho'kay, so.
Here's da eurff.

Ok, no but seriously.

I took the initiative to go get myself checked out and stuff. Everything seems to be smooth and fine, I also got my birth control pills to start taking those and regulate my period, =-]

Katsucon was ok, I have fun with my girls, but that hotel is a pain in the ass. It really is. There were lines to get around the lines. X_x;
I watched all the cosplayers, and miss cosplaying. But in order to cosplay again, I'm making myself lose weight. Big girl cosplays are not all that great for the characters I want to do. Plus, I wanna lose weight to be healthier for my man, and more importantly myself. I need to get healthier to reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and cholestoral.

Plus, I wanna be able to cosplay my dream cosplays, and I'm not getting any younger!
I always wanted to win a craftmanship award, so while I'm losing weight, I'll be practicing my sewing with other people's lolitas/costumes.

Here's the game plan:
- Birth control
- Herbalife
- Light excersise
- Not eating past 8pm

Sounds easy enough. I just need to stay on track this time.
I'm also going to look more into the vice acting thing, cause that would pocket more money, and I'd be working within an industry I so dearly love.

Just gotta wait and see what happens.

For now, losing weight, figuring out my living and school situations are number one. ^0^